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Item types allowed when searching in the Library using IronPython

Carlos Lozano

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I am using Spotfire 10.10 and was trying to search for all the elements required by a dxp. Using something along the lines of:

lm = Application.GetService[LibraryManager]()

depends = lm.Search('required_by(item_id::xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx)', LibraryItemRetrievalOption.IncludeProperties, LibraryItemRetrievalOption.IncludePath)when processing those results I only get elements like information links or colorschemes - I am unable to retrieve column elements, filters or joins.

I dont get any results either when I directly search for column elements:

columns = lm.Search('type:column', LibraryItemRetrievalOption.IncludePath)

#dxps = lm.Search('type:dxp', LibraryItemRetrievalOption.IncludePath) #searching for dxps does work as expected.I thought I could use the same expressions we can enter in the search field from the'Library Administration', but apparently there are certain elements that cannot be returned when using the API. Is that true Do I need specific permissions to search for those elements


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