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Marking like filtering panel

Martin Campos

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Its possible when I mark in a visualization this changes the filter in the filtering panel,

For example,I have a column "year" that contains the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, and I create a tree map with the jerarchy of the column "year", when I mark the year2020 in the tree map I want to change all the data to this year, but my issue it doesnt work because in the cross table that I want to show the data for the year 2020 shows all years, I believe that I have a calculated value for amother table but I maked thw relation in both tables and its not working, show me all the data

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Not sure if I understand the issue with the cross table completely...

But please try this: After marking your data you can do a right click on your visualization and then use the option "marked rows -> filter to". This will set the filter for you. And as long as your cross table is working with the same filtering scheme (default setting), this should solve your problem.

Another thing you could try is to work with a details visualization. So, right click on your tree map, pick "create details visualization" and then buil your cross table. It will only contain the data that is marked in your tree map. You can further filter this data with filter settings or custom expressions.

Please let me know if this helps. If not, please post some screen shots to clarify your issue.

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