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Draw circle with fixed radius Data Function

Tyler Kendle

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I am using the data function "Draw circle with fixed radius" to draw a circle around multiple site locations. My goal is to draw two around each location. One at 5 miles and a second at 30 miles. Is it possible to have two different output columns in one table that show up as two seprate featrue layers on one map I am having a hard time getting two from the same table to show up. I'm wondering if something in the data function is overwritting my second output.


As a workaround, I decided to duplicate my original table of locations and ran the data function on both tables.

Table 1 - Data function at 5 miles

Table 2 - Data function at 30 miles

This worked! Itallowed me to layer both sets of radiion one map so I'm pleased by that. But I'm wondering if this is the best way to do it or the only way Can I have two output columns on just one data table of locations and be able to do two feature layers on one map I don't mind running the data function twice but would like to keep it in the same data table.

Thank you for your help!

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