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JSViz over Web Player - browser compatibility list

Dmitry Surovtsev

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I developed a JSViz and access it through Web Player.

It works perfectly in Chrome and Edge, but throws an error in IE11 that is related to Anonymous function call.

I googled for the problem and found this articlehttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/9430815/anonymous-functions-doesnt-w....

However, I'm using IE11 so apparently that shouldn't be an issue.

My viz uses the latest D3 libraryv.6.7 that is claimed to be compatible to all modern browsers. Everything else (jQuery.js and JSViz.js are standard as provided by TIBCO).

I have nil intention to waste my time on checking compatibilitiesfor every single browser.

Is there a general list of browsers that were tested and supported for JSViz

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