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Would like to get meta data for spotfire reports

Priyanka Sharma 2

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I am new to Spotfire , wanted to understand if I could pull a report with meta data for the reports that are created in a particular Spotfire instance. The meta data that I am interested is in Description of the report, Who created the report , whats datasource its connected to , Stakeholder (if thats an option available) , usage of report etc.


Could someone please advise on same. Thanks in advance for your help

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you could explore the Application Profiler if it should help. There are quite a few things which could be extracted or tracked using this.


TIBCO Spotfire Application Profiler Tech Note



For more info : Application Profiler



You coud also use Action Logs to track user actions,

Also some Library Search that could be used to find out some of the elements used by the analysis file that are present in the library.


Searching the Library


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I also use a combination of Application Profiler and Logs (custom report) to get insight into reports.  For my custom report I used both the activity tracking and server logs to show when people are opening the report and how long the scheduler takes to open and cache a report.
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