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something amazing when Manage Relationships

Kwok Holy

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The left data table and right data table exchange automatically when I clicked OK for adding a new relationship between two tables.

like this :

left->Table1 : String(WellID) right->Table2 : String(WellID)

BUT, after clicked OK, actually it was left->Table2 right->Table1

PS:my Table2 has a column `ID` like `ID` `WellID` Table1 only has `WellID`

So, emmmmmwhat's wrong with it


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Hi Gaia,


  Thanks for paying attention to my question!


  As what I said above, there are two tables, one is Table1, another is Table2. And then, the Table1 has a column called WellID,  the Table2 has WellID and ID


  Like this :(The file type of Both tables is Excel)




WellID Other Columns
data... data...
data... data...






ID WellID Others
data.. data.. data..
data.. data.. data..




My operation:


Data -> Data Table Properties -> Relations -> Manage Relations -> New... 




Left Data Table : Table1              Right Data Table: Table2


Left Column: WellID                    Right Column: WellID








After I clicked `OK`, the Manage Relations Window showed Left Data Table was Table2, Right was Table1. 


Totally exchanged!


Do you know how to solve this problem


Sincerely, hope your reply





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