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Read callback 'GetHighlight' failed error message

Li Chin Ho

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I am using Tibco Spotfire Analyst 11.2.0. I encountered one error as follow:


Read callback 'GetHighlight' failed

Type: TypeError

Message: Cannot read property 'intersectsWith' of undefined

Stacktrace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'intersectsWith' of undefined

at e (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1376859)

at f (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1377192)

at l (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1378129)

at a (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1379447)

at e (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:3616468)

at b (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1234025)

at Object.k [as success] (http://localhost:8001/package=js:41:1234077)

at l (http://localhost:8001/package=js:22:40989)

at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (http://localhost:8001/package=js:22:41739)

at b (http://localhost:8001/package=js:22:77940)


Appreciate if you could advise on what is the reason or possible root cause for this This happened to 3 other classmates who are using Tibco Spotfire Analysts too. Amy suggestion to resolve this error

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