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Web Player Service installation impossible

Dariusz Marszal

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I have a test Spotfire Server installation running Spotfire Server 7.6

* All boxes running RHEL 6.8

* Running Oracle XE on BOX1

* Running node manager and spotfire server on Box2

* Database created and server bootstrapped

* Admin user created and given admin privs

* Deployed client packages



* Created and added node manager, added to trusted nodes, all green

Got blocked ... no as there's no way to choose capability and configuration when attempting to install new service under "Nodes & Services". It wasn't there with the default installation of client packages and its not there when doing import/export and then set server config. Attaching some screenshots.

Is it even possible to install Web Player on Linux server

Please advise.


root@box2 bin]# ./config.sh list-service-configs --tool-password="XXXX"

Available custom service configurations:

Config Name Config ID Capability Config Format Version Modification Date

----------------------- ------------------------------------ ---------- --------------------- -----------------------

WebPlayerConfiguration 865552d4-8ecd-42d9-b04c-dff5ffe8ac9d WEB_PLAYER 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 16:03:03 EDT

WebPlayerConfiguration2 49a4190b-e00d-4676-825a-10a7ed866f77 WEB_PLAYER 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 16:08:14 EDT

WebPlayerConfiguration3 4e3f2dcd-af98-44a2-b78f-5b26f5a132ce WEB_PLAYER 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 16:37:06 EDT

Available default service configurations:

Config Name Config ID Capability Config Format Version Modification Date

------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------- --------------------- -----------------------

c9f78011-aea2-4394-8dd8-745d99091596 c9f78011-aea2-4394-8dd8-745d99091596 WEB_PLAYER 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 14:21:53 EDT

e931adc8-4f5c-459d-ae71-36a79e82f90d e931adc8-4f5c-459d-ae71-36a79e82f90d AUTOMATION_SERVICES 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 14:21:55 EDT

[root@box2 bin]# ./config.sh set-server-service-config --tool-password="XXXX" --config-name=WebPlayerConfiguration2

Successfully set the server service configuration

[root@box2 bin]# ./config.sh list-active-service-configs --tool-password="XXX"

Active node service configurations (set using the 'set-service-config' command):

None (all services use their default configurations)

Active Spotfire Server service configurations (set using the 'set-server-service-config' command):

Capability Config Name Config Format Version Config Modification Date

---------- ----------------------- --------------------- ------------------------

WEB_PLAYER WebPlayerConfiguration2 25.11.10012.5035 2016-10-11 16:08:14 EDT

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Hi There,

Unfortunately it's not possible to install Web Player on Linux. See here for the system requirements:


Technical reasons:

Although Web Player is now a Tomcat hosted application, the underlying code is .NET, so it needs Windows to run.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

Andrew (TIBCO Data Science)

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Hello Freibuis,

The TSNM is responsible for work three services being them:


Spotfire Web Player

Spotfire Automation Services

TERR service


All services work on the Windows platform, but currently only TERR Service working on the Linux platform.

Let me know if you have another issue.



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