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Use JavaScript to embed CSS text styling into Text Area in Spotfire Desktop

Thomas Hren

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I am trying to use some of the recent Dr Spotfire tips and tricks for formatting text areas using CSS. I have created an embedded JavaScript variable that contains CSS styling for HTML tags such as through , , and . This works well inside my HTML, as any changes in the CSS through the JavaScript changes throughout the text area. However, other HTML tags such as , , and do not render in the Text area through the embedded CSS. I had to resort to using "inline CSS", though that requires inserting theinline CSS styles into each HTML tag instance. This makes changing CSS styles cumbersome.

I am new to JavaScript and HTML, so I will assume it is something I am doing on my end. However, I do not know if theSpotfire Desktop has some limitiations I do not know about.

Following is a snippet of my "inline CSS" stying that currently works in my Text area for, , and .




Can anyone help me with the necessary CSS code structure for an embedded JavaScript variable

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