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CollapsableTree with R

Simon Adda

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I would like create a dynamique collapsble tree in Tibco Spofire Desktop with the R language. I have an issue when I write this code in the data functions:




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Hi, you won't get an interactive behaviour by charting from TERR in Spotfire, just a still graph.

I just managed to do that same chart with a JSViz whereby TERR only prepared the data. I had zero JavaScript knowledge and good R knowledge when I started abt a month ago. Now I have 1% JavaScript knowledge and aworking collapsibleTree JSViz on my dashboard;-)

I'm listing below some web content that helped me in this enriching journey:




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I am sure (as much as an advanced user can be) that it's impossible to make Spotfire interactive charts with TERR only, otherwise I wouldn't start to look into the JSViz functionality (which is a pain in the ass). You should consider TERR as a data processor, not a data visualizer.


I might be mistaken but JSViz may not available in Spotfire Desktop. You may need a costlier Spotfire Server + Spotfire Analyst bundle for that.


I don't really understand what TIBCO meant by introducing their new feature of Mods. Looks like this is something that should be ready-made by TIBCO in the first place. If so, you may either wait until TIBCO releases a collapsibleTree mod, or to learn JSViz. Mods are not available in Spotfire 10.10 anyway.


BTW I just realized that I need my collapsibleTree to look like a cluster dendrogram (using d3js.org terminology). In other words, all my leaves should be extended to the same rightmost level. This implies some fiddling with JavaScript code that I am prepared to venture now. My time investment in understanding JSViz is actually worth it.

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