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Why do I have missing data values when importing excel document

Peter Haase

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Hi there!

I have an excel document with 106 rows and 36 columns. When I import the data table, random sections are missing (image attached should be filled with data similar to above). I have the correct sheet selected within the document. I have tried reformatting the numbers in the excel document to match. I have even copied the data and pasted only values to a new sheet to import, yet the same values are still missing.

What is going on here Does anyone have a fix for this kind of issue I found a similar question asked before, but there was no good answer.




Edit: Solution was suggested by fabd - I selected "String" instead for those columns with issues and refreshed the preview and it was fixed. Thank you fabd!

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Just out of curiosity... What happens when you change the formatting of this column to STRING when you load the data How about saving the xlsx file as CSV and then load the data

You could limit your data set and change the column names if tit conatinsproprietary information and then share it with us...

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You are welcome


Please check the string values now that were missing earlier. Can you figure out why they were missing How do they differ 


If you want to work with the values you might have to convert the column again and you run into the same issue again. So, it's also important to understand why this happend.

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