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Pivot table creation in Spotfire

Abubakar anwar

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I have a table of raw data in spotfire. Now i want to pivot that data. which i can do in transormation. 


But i want to filter on some data while creating the pivot table (like in excel)m but the only problem which i have is that... the new table which i will create as a result of pivoting the raw data table, i need to use it to add columns in the raw data. I can do it manually, but i want to understand if i can automate the process.


Does this explanation help




looking forward to your reply.





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What you can do here is to use a R data function that takes your filtered data table as input and then returns this table.Then you can add your pivot transformation on this table.


The code would be very simple


new.table <- source.table




Here source.table is your input of type TABLE. And new.table is your output of type TABLE. Make sure that the input is filtered by the correct filtering scheme.

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