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Custom JAAS and UserDirectory

Kevin Flynn

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I am currently working on a CustomJAAS project which I am authenticating against a webservice. This is working fine, however, I would also like Add/Remove users from the Spotfire Database andadd/remove users to groups based on the webservice also.

I am currently doing this by using the com.spotfire.server.userdir. This works and I am using it, but the code that I am currently using is depricated. I have been unable to use the com.spotfire.server.api.userdirectory class.

The only way I could think of getting around this is possibly writing aPost Authentication to run since it seems I can't access the userdirectory or just keep using the depricated code and hope it lasts for awhile.

Is there another way, or is it best to write a post authentcation code to do what I was doing previously all within the customJAAS Or am I missing something to get the userdirectory to work while using custom JAAS.



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