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How to use regression equation to calculate values in spotfire

raffaele cerino

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I have a scatter plot visualization on a set of data with a regression line and equation provided by the calculation of the values of a standard curve. The data consists of a set of experimental values , which would need to be applied to the equation. I'd like to be able to have a table in spotfire that uses that regression equation to calculate a value at a certain x value.

Now, the regression equation I have got looks like this Log(y)= -1.60+(0.95+1.60)/(1+10e(0.70*(2.17-LogX));

I know, that it is possible to add a calculated column where the regression equation is applied, what is nt clear to me is what is Y and What is X and how to apply the known values in Y to calculate X. Is there any automated function in Spotfire that does the job automatically

Thank you

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