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jsviz not working in automation

Thomas Scott-Kunkel

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Hi, we are having an issue with JSViz where everything renders fine on the desktop. Running Automation of the desktop works as well.

Running automation on the server results in the results not being rendered completely. I've increased the time to render with no change. I'm using the latest version of JSViz (unlimited json). We have not made changes before the failures, though.

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Some things to consider:

1) Server do not have GPU cards so rendering is done in-memory and can take significantly longer than when done on laptop or desktop machine that have a GPU.

2) The Render Time setting does not really accommodateall use cases and the Spotfire.setBusy() call should be used to control waiting as described in the JSViz User Guide Chapter 15 section "Busy Management Spotfire 7.10+".

Some additional questions:


What type of visualization is being rendered

What is the size of the JSON data being transferred

What version of Spotfire are you running

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