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Add DataTable from database via IronPython in Spotfire

Holger Schimanski 2

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I would like to add a new data tableto a workbook viaan IronPython script.

This new data table should be imported from a database.I would dynamically definein the IronPython script, which table from which schema and use the Oracle database connection in the workbook.

And then as an additional step I would like to add a table visualization with this new data table in a new page of the workbook to allow browsing of the data.

Any idea how to do that

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Hello Holger,

You can have a look at this page (https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/ironpython-scripting-tibco-spotfire), where you can find lots of iron python code snippets to start building your own code.

Especially theselinks might be a good starting point for you:





You could combine a couple of these above mentioned links in setting up the code for the database connection as well as store it in a new data table and create a visualization on top of it.

Kind regards,


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