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SPC rules 2 and 3 in spotfire.

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Hi Team,


Could anyone help me to implement SPC rules 2 and 3 in spotfire version 7.11. I tried but I am stuck here.

I am able to implement the rule 1 easily but rules 2 and 3 are killing me.

I tried this link - https://community.spotfire.com/modules/statistical-process-control-template... but I need only the rules 2 and 3 not anything else. I am really new to spotfire and I dont know how to proceed.

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I think you need some helper comlumns. Please check my file. (In your final dxp you can hide those columns.)

I first check if a point is above or below 2s. Then I calculate the running sum of the last 3 points for those two columns. The final step would be to check if this running sum is >= 2.

You can use the same method for rule 3.

Please let me know if this makes sense.


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