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Connecting HeatMap & ScatterPlot using "Marked from Column"

Shrinand Vyas

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Our team is working on a use case where user interaction on a HeatMap changes axis for a scatter plot. We are able to achieve this in Spotfire using "Column from Marked" feature on the Scatter Plot axis selection.

Here is the scenario:

1) HeatMap visualizes a correlation matrix (i.e. Table 1)

2) Each cell on the heatmap selectes 2 attributes (i.e. Attribute 1, Attribute 2 on Table 1)

3) We would like to use "Attribute 1" and "Attribute 2" selected in the previous step as X & Y axis for a Scatter Plot which visualizes Table 2 that also has Attribute 1 and Attribute 2 columms

4) This can be achieved using "Column from Marked" feature in Spotfire

but in our case the visualizations are created using C# API. Can someone please guide us on how to get markings from a HeatMap and use that to set axis on a scatter plot in code either C# or IronPython is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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