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Expand and collapse rows in cross table / table

Shubh M

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Is there a way to expand and collapse (maximize and minimize) rows in cross table or normal table(TIBCO Spotfire 10.10.2)

We have a requirement to replace an excel report which has this feature. If there is no direct way, a work around will also be helpful.

I am attaching a sample from excel, where country can be expanded to see sites within countries and then minimise to just see countries.

Thank You !

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Hi Shubnam,

Please find attached dxp as a possible solution.

It is based on a hierachy, which is set as the vertical axis. This will result in a slider which does the same as the expanding, folding option in Excel. The only difference is, you cannot expand/fold individual rows. You expand and fold the complete (next/current) level in the hierarchy.

Kind regards,


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