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Configuration Blocks and Analysis Services Cubes (External)

Tim Crocker 2

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I am trying to create a configuration block to filter an Microsft SQL Server Analysis Services cube via an Automation Services job.. I have the cube connected as external.

My Automation Services job will run without errors, but no data is being displayed. When I reset my filters manually I see all the data, so a filter seems to have been set.

To check if my values, column name, etc. were correct I created a test analysis, and loaded the column in question into memory vs external. Because the table and column names were identical I was able to test my Automation Services job unchaged and it worked perfectly against the loaded data, so my syntax of table, column name and targetted values were all correct.

What needs to be done different to set up configuration block filtering in an cube

FYI - I have created the filters in question.

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