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Compare two UniqueConcatenate for every value in the first one

Hesloan Viana

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I have two UniqueConcatenate on a cross table, one for actual month and one for the last month, i need to see, for every value in the first UniqueConcatenate, if that value exists in the second UniqueConcatenate.


Like this:

UniqueConcatenate([users]) = ('User A', 'User B', 'User C', 'User D')

UniqueConcatenate([users-1]) = ('User A', 'User C', 'User F')

I need to see, for every value onUniqueConcatenate([users]) if exists inUniqueConcatenate([users-1]). In this example this should return 2 ('User A' and 'User C' exists in both UniqueConcatenate)

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