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Getting alert when there is outlier data coming in

Rahmat Khairi

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Hi guys,

So currently i am taking a stream base data with live Line Chart and i am wondering does spotfire have a feature that give notification alert when one of the data is outlier. Example from the image i share, if the data reach higher than 30 or less than -80, there will be notification alert. Kindly assist.

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Hi Rahmat,

I believe you can set up alerts from Streambase itself already. I have not done this myself yet, but I believe that could be possible. You can ask the same question in the Streambase community for that. Having that said, it may not be what you want, as you may not know upfromt from Streambase if this value is an outlier.

You could purchase an add-on in that case, for Spotfire (Alert extension). This would easily do the job for you. I would suggest to contact your TIBCO account team andask them about the Alert Monitoring add-on for Spotfire.

Kind regards,


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