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External Authenticating Guest user

Kevin Flynn

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I currently have Custom JAAS setup with External Authentication. Everything works fine. The question I have is a client would like to put some of the visualizations on their website for clients to view.

For external Auth I currently have ...wp/analysisfile=/public/Reportname&ConfigurationBLock=DealerID=12345;&AuthId=

The external Auth will then decrypt that username and date and process it against their system database to confirm the user has access and the date is within a few seconds of requesting authentication.


I would like to if possible pass in "guest" as the username to allow them access to the public folder.

The code I am currently trying is below, but it doesnt' seem to be working. Any help would be appreciated: (the below code is just for POC, So I am just putting "guest" in as the AuthID for testing. I was able to get it by setting up just a regular user in the external auth database, but doesn't seem to like authenticating as "ANONYMOUS/guest"


if(AuthId=="guest") {


domain = "ANONYMOUS";


else {

AuthUser = usr.Getuser(connectionstring, username, password,AuthId);

domain = "SPOTFIRE";




s_log.info("Setting UserPrincipal - " + AuthUser);

//sets the user if the user is authenticated

authPrincipal = new

CustomAuthenticatorPrincipal(AuthUser, domain, null, null);

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