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Create various cross table reports using Iron Python script.

Sony Hejmady

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Hi ,

I am building the 4 seperate cross table visuals in the form of Buttons using Iron Python script.

Facing some challenges.Please help.I have attched the current script.

2.The below is limit by expression where I can display only till the bold words in my output. It is stating EOL error.Not able to understand where is End of line.


case when '${selView}' = 'PTD Cumulated' or '${selView}' = 'PTD Incremental' then Right([item Period],4) >= min([Period]) else [Period] = [Period] end and

([Matching Status] is not null)

and ([Recon Status] is not null) and


when '${SSO}' = '' and '${preparerSSO}'= '' and '${reviewerSSO}'= '' and '${companycode}'=''

then [Company] is not null

when '${companycode}' '' then (find([Company], '${companycode}') > 0)

when '${SSO}' '' then (find([Preparer], '${SSO}') > 0 or find([Reviewer], '${SSO}') > 0)

when '${preparerSSO}' '' then (find([Preparer], '${preparerSSO}') > 0)

when '${reviewerSSO}' '' then (find([Reviewer], '${reviewerSSO}') > 0)end and [DenseRank]= 1

2.How can I hide Column Axes in the expression

3.The data is not getting displayed inspite f removing limit by expression.Please help.

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