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Converting String List to String for data function use

Chris Ludlam

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I currently have a data function ® that requires an input of type String. This string is needed toselect multiple batches from a list of all batches for statistical analysis. Currently, I have a multiple-select box in a text area where I want to select the batches, and it outputs the String List of referenceBatches. I'm looking to use this as a String parameter for thedata function, so I need to transform the String List into a String.

For the sake of discussion, the data frame will be "df" and the property of batches for references will be "referenceBatches". The column for the dataframe selected is Batch. referenceBatches, according to the expression handler, is of data type String List and property type Table.

Following the instructionsfrom this support article, I tried to input the String List using an Expression input handler: https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-Article-43929....

Using the expression handler, I have been unsuccessful. When I do, I get the alert "The expression cannot be evaluated." Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. The expression that causes the error is:

$map("[df].[${df}.{referenceBatches}]", ",")

From the supporting link, this should work, but I get the error still. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Other notes that may be useful:


df is a skinny table by batches

I'm not concerned with how the output of referenceBatches looks, so long as it is a string and there is some distinction between batches like spaces or commas

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