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Can I store a Value ....

Rick V

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Hi, I am a pretty new user to Spotfire and developing some spotfire analysis views using spotfire. I am doing this using excel spreadsheets as my data source.

Can I read record 1 below and save value "A" in the "Type" column, and then when I read record 2, and if "Type" is empty in record 2, populate with the Value "A" and then populate record 3 with "A" also, etc. (I have a table with 65,000 rows that I need to populate certain columns based on the row value above it)

Would like to do this as a calculated columns, the 3rd column below shows the desired result. Thanks for any help will save me many hours if this is possible.

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You'll probably have to use a CASE or If statement, but this may be done using Next([Column]) or Previous([Column]) to get the next or previous row's value for that column. Then you can evaluate against that to determine what values to insert into your new columns.
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