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How to de-select values in optional Information Link prompts

Mark Herrmann

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when using selection prompts for building a dxp template one might be forced to select values even on optional prompts to prepare the actual template with a reasonable data volume. However, it is not possible to de-select these values anymore effectively turning an optional into a mandatory prompt.

I am aware that this is a duplicate of https://community.spotfire.com/questions/information-link-prompts-how-reset... but that has been closed w/o an answer. So if someone has figured this out in the past 8 years I'd be super happy to learn about it.

Thanks, Mark

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Regarding this being a duplicate question:   


It is better to ask it again, especially after 8 years. It's new now and pops up on "page 1" of more lists as an open question. If you click on the "Flag for Review" link on the old question, you can ask for it to be re-opened.If you're the author of the question, there'll be a button to re-open it.

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