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Calculated column based on selections in check box filter

Arvind Kumar

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I will try and explain my question through an example.


In my filtering scheme, I have a check box filter with 5 continents (A, B, C, D & E). Each continent has x number of countries. However, there is one country which is part of two continents (A & C). Now, I want to create a calculated column which divides the data for this country by 2 if BOTH continents A & C are selected in the check box filter in order not to double count the data. Is this possible


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your response Gaia. I will elaborate on the example.


Country Z is part of continents A & C. It has a population of 1000.


In my data table of all countries, country Z is showing population of 2000 instead of 1000 when I select both continents A & C.


I want to set a rule which says "if continents A & C are selected, population of country Z should be divided by 2, else show as is. For all other countries show population data as is."

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