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TIBCO Certified Associate Exams

Hyemin Kim

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I am looking to obtain a TIBCO-related certification.


I looked up,

TIBCO Certified Associate Exams

TIBCO Certified Professional Exams

There seems to be,

among them

TIBCO Certified Associate Exams

TCA-TIBCO Spotfire

I want to obtain this.


I would like to know the exam times, exam procedures, and more for TIBCO Certified Associate Exams.

Only the contents of Professional Exams came out.



TIBCO Certified Associate Exams

TCA-TIBCO Spotfire

Are there any references to help you prepare for the exam

Can I prepare while listening to the anaylst video of TIBCO Academy

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You can check for more details on this page -https://www.tibco.com/services/education/certification

In order to take the test you need to register here -https://www.webassessor.com/wa.dopage=enterCatalog&branding=TIBCO&tabs=111

You can see under the Certification catalog that TCA is unproctered so you can take it at your convenience. TCA - TIBCO Spotfire will test the fundametal concepts such asability to use interactive features (marking and filtering), build and customize visualizations, export locally and save the analysis locally or in a library etc.


Hope that helps.

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