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Colouring KPI Chart

JOhn Cleary

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Hi All,

Would anyone know if its possible to color the KPI visualisation based on its relationship to the comparitive value

For example - it the value for today is greater than yesterday then the KPI visualisation is red but if less than yesterday its green.

Thanks in advance.


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If you lookin the Colors > Columns selector under 'Axis Values' you will see 2 options:


Value axis values

Comparitive axis values


If you look at the expression for both of those (right click and select "Custom Expression") you will see those translate to (respectively):


THEN [Y.FinalValue]

THEN [Comparative.FinalValue]


So you can modify that Color by expression to create the "delta" coloring scheme you want. For example:




when ([Y.FinalValue] - [Comparative.FinalValue])0 then "green"


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