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Help! Spotfire 10.10 Script Trust Incredibly Slow

Jolene Robertson

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Just wondering if anyone else has experienced poor performance when adding or modifying python/javascripts since upgrading to v10 It sometimes takes 4 mins for Spotfire to become responsive again, after making changes or adding a new script. The scripts I'm modifying have previously beentrusted, and it doesnt seem to matter how much of the script I change. I could add a '#' to comment out a line, or remove a whitespace, and still have to wait 3-4 mins before I can do anything else.

As a work around, I'll use the client offline to make script changes, and then save the local file back to the library, but this is not ideal.

Currently working in version

Group Membership: Custom Query Author, Designer, Script Author, Library Admin, Scheduling & Routing Admin, Diagnostic Admin, Everyone

Checked the Spotfire DB to ensure it's been indexed, and it has.

Tried to reference the following KB article, but it takes me to a blank screen:

KB 000031299 How scripts trust works and tips for troubleshooting intermittent script trust issues


PS, I'm experiencing this in 10.8 as well, but in a completely different environment (different company).

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