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Can Input Data in a Data Function be Limited without using a Filter or Marking

Thomas Hren

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I have a Data Table as an input to a Data Function running the TERR Engine. I want to extract a value from one of the Data Table's columns and place it into a Document Property for use throughout my Analysis. My problem is that the only way I can limit the number of "Rows" the Data Function see's is using a Filter or Marking. I would rather use a Data Limiting Expression to control the Rows in the Data Table. The use of a Filter for limiting the data exposes this Data Function to "Unwarranted Changes", if the Filter parameters are changed. Thus its outputs will change, which will adversely affect the analysis -- and actually it has happened once already.

I have been searching for means to create a Filter via script and "hide it" so it cannot be manually changed, or I have been evaluating the other option of copying this input Data Table and performing the necessary data transformations I need before hand, then using it as the Data Table for the Data Function.

Any insights you have is greatly appreciated.

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