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To hide the grand total for one of the column used in cross table cell values

sindhu murali 2

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Hi Sindhu,

Unfortunately this isn't possible at the moment. The way the grand total works is to use whatever expression you have used in the measure axis and apply it to all rows/columns in the data table.

So your grand total becomes the equivalent First([My Column]) or whatever...

Please can you submit a suggestion (after searching existing suggestions) tohttp://spotfireideas.tibco.com/ideas

The idea needs to be more general though, as your specific example is only one area where this kind of thing can be a problem.

We need to have control over the grand total expressions and allow separate sub/grand totals for each of the aggregated columns or rows. Or something like that...


Andrew (TIBCO Data Science)

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Late to the party here but for the benefit of folks still looking for a solution...

For the given example you could do this for the column in question...

case UniqueConcatenate([TABLE])

when "test1, test2, test3" then null

else First([string data 3])


This is really only viable for a known list of values used on your left axis. Be it known values in your data or the output of an expression.

If you were feeling adventurous and need a solution for what would amount to a large or changing value for the UniqueConcatenat() to compare against you could replace ""test1, test2, test3" with a document property that gets calculated based on your marking and filtering. ie A column with all the students in a school.

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