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Is it possible to update the Spotfire origin of data column when replacing a data table

Chris Linck

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Use case in creating a combined table from 3 data text files using Spotfire add rows and the option to identify source of data. When initially created, Spotfire populates the origin of data column with the source file name.

If I replace one of the text files with a file that has a different name, the origin of data column retains the original data file name.

Is there a way to have Spotfire refresh the origin of data column

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To change the value for Origin of Data after replacing the table, click on the Added rows node in the Data Canvas --> SelectEdit settings option within the node (As a result a new window of Settings opens) --> Select Identify origin of rows --> Select Create new column --> Enter the values for new rows --> Click ok

Result - Origin of data column gets updated with the new value

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