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How to use time data values in expression

Olivier Makart

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I intend to make an average of data during a specific duration.

My current formula is this one:

If([Time] in (Low, High),Avg([Lower Probe]) OVER ([iD]),null)

I need to replace Low and High by appropriate time value.

But when entering data from my data columns, it gives an error message.

What is the appropriate way of formating data in this expression (see attached for time format in my data file)



Best regards


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I have partially answerd my question:

The following formula now gives me a blank answer. instead of error So I understand I need to use coma for time serapators.

If([Time] in (Time(12,00,0,0), Time(12,40,0,0)),Avg([Lower Probe]) OVER ([iD]),null)

Although, as mentioned the answer is blank. How to translate "12:00:00 AM" into the time expression above

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