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Is there a way to sort multiple columns in a cross table like you can do with custom sort in excel

Amy Scragg

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In a Cross Table, you can choose only single column to sort here:


Properties > Sorting > Sort rows by


Whereas the Table visualization allows multiple column sorting.

So there is really only the option for sorting on one column. You can file a request for that feature in the new Spotfire Ideas Portal that was developed by our Product Management team:




Beyond that, if the need was strong enough, you could technically create a column with some index that was the desired multi-column sort order, and then sort on that single column in the cross table. That would be very dependent on your data, cross table configuration, and would require you display that index column in your cross table so it might not be a great solution. But if it were, you can post those details and I can help with that.

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The only way that I've found to do this is to:


Go to View > Data to show the data pane.

Select the data point on which your column (or row) is based and click the gear icon to expand the data panel for the data point.

Select theSort orderdrop down list and selectCustom.

Click the Settingsicon (again...gear icon) and manually order the values for your data point.


Hope this helps!

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