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Katie Sikorski

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I am trying to create a text box area like this example; One that has the following values: I am attaching the example I found on here the only thing not working is the text area up top. The slider is how many of this by Date I assume.

Total PDP Wells Total Operators Total Gas Total Water Total Interest


I tried creating a slider but not sure how to get the values to update when I use the slider. For instance I want it to count how many PDP (producing) wells come on line when I use the slider. And how many Operators make up those wells. And how much Gas and Oil Production do they have summed. And how much the average interest there is. Is there an easy way to do this based onthe example I found.


Thanks sorry I tried I get the slider to work I specified PDP but it did not give me any counts is there another way to complete this

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