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Hello All,

I'm developping an analysesthatincludesnumereous R scripts and I wish that one of the R script input parameteres to be a Data table.

In addition, this data table should be selectable by the user using a drop down list, so is it possible to populate a drop down list document property with all the names of the available data table in the analysis in which it can be an input to the R script or is it better to use another way or technique

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,


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You could do this by creating a drop-down selection field. The selection options can be the table names that you have in the analysis.

Once a user makes a selection the R-script can pick up the name and perform the calculations that follow using the name of the table selected.

To create a drop-down list:

Go to the drop down list

Add a new Document property and select fixed values.

You can then add the data tables that can be selected as an input for the script.

Please see the images.

Hope this helps!

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