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Data Loading options: How small is "small" How huge is "huge"

Jo Tan

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"If your data is SMALL enough, imported data is most of the times the preferred option, because it may improve the performance of calculations."



Data on demand, is use when you have a HUGE volumn of data from external source.



My questions are:How small is "small" How huge is "huge"

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Hardware configuration interferes with metrics of the small data and huge data.

The below link has examples when using on-demand data and external.


About import data, recommended will be using small data such as file (xls, txt, csv).

Remember that only import or on-demand data has full resources and functions of the TIBCO Spotfire.

When developing the panel it is necessary to analyze the volume of data and functions necessary to define the better way the data is loaded.

Let me know if it makes sense for you.


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