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How to get meta data of Categorial axis in Spotfire Mods

Holger Schimanski

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For the categorical axis in Spotfire Mods I would like to know the Data fieldsit consist of.

For a row I can retrieve the values of the categorical axis e.g. US >> B2B >> Car.

I would like to know the data fields it is build from e.g. Country, Sales Type, Product.

And also all a list of all possible values of this data field e.g. US, UK, DE, FI in their natural resp. default order.

I don't know how to get such information from DataView or other Mods API.

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You can get the hierarchy information on the dataView using:

dataView.categoricalAxis("name").hierarchy.levelsNote that since there can be any kind of transformation on a DataView's categorical axis through the expression, there is no clear connection between a column placed on an axis selector and the resulting categorical axis in the dataView.

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