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Date Check/Combining Dates

kirpal singh manral

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One way to do this can be:

1. Create calulate column with data and time in it:Date([TimeStamp]) & Time([TimeStamp])

2. Create another column Shift: in that use if and time column created earlier to assign Day and Night shift.

You could do 1&2 together in one step but i have put it in 2 just to explain things easily.

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Thanks for your response.


But i have two dates to compare to get the desired date.


Assuming Date1 as startdate and Date2 as enddate.


Date1 : 4/02/2021 02:20:20 AM


Date2: 4/02/2021 02:35:02 AM


I want a new date which should come out as 3/02/2021.


One day is from 6am 3rd Feb to 5:59am 4th Feb(Desired Date: 3-02-2021).


I want to use this date for filtering.

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