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Counting in Spotfire

Katie Sikorski

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I have a table that has Operator, Gas Oil and Date in monthly Values. I tried Count of Operator and Unique Count but neither gave me the values I need. All I want is to count the Operators and not the seperate monthly values. So if a operator has 200 wells not matter how many lines I want the count to be 200 and the oil and gas summed not counting the operator lines if this makes sense. So what it is doing is counting every monthly line istead.

So the example below is what I want:

Operator Count Sum_Oil Sum_Gas

Operator1 145 125 6021

Operator2 203 33 9164

Operator3 240 210 11567

Operator 4 15 16 675

Right now I am getting this:

Operator Count Oil Gas

Operator1 293 256 4537

Operator1 293 156 4025

Operator1 293 133 3790

Operator1 293 210 2897

Operator1 293 162 4999

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