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Issues with the HA Tables - Fault-tolerant front end configuration sample.

João Dessain Saraiva

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Hello Tibco team, I am running into some issues using the High Availability Tables on Streambase and would like to have your feedback.

I got Kafka and Zookeeper running, tried to keep the configurations as simple as possible.

They both seem to run fine, some warnings but no errors, printscreen in attachment.

I imported the sample and built them with: mvn install -DskipTests=true

And using the streambase command prompt, to install the first node:

epadmin install node --nodename A.publisher --nodedirectory nodes --application "deploy_apps/publish_deploy/target/lv_sample_ha_kafka_publish_deploy-10.6.1-ep-application.zip

And to run it: epadmin --servicename A.publisher start node

Now for the Peer deploy:

epadmin install node --nodename Peer1.ldm_cluster --nodedirectory nodes --application "deploy_apps/peer_deploy/target/lv_sample_ha_peers_deploy-10.6.1-ep-application.zip"

And to run it: epadmin --servicename Peer1.ldm_cluster start node

Last but not the least, the front-end:

epadmin install node --nodename Front-ag_fe.ldm_cluster --nodedirectory nodes --application "deploy_apps/frontend_deploy/target/lv_sample_ha_frontend_deploy-10.6.1-ep-application.zip"

And: epadmin --servicename Front-ag_fe.ldm_cluster start node

However when I connect via Spotfire or LiveView Web the HA tables does not show.

Am I missing some step What can possibly be wrong

I am using Windows 10 and Java:

java version "11.0.9" 2020-10-20 LTS

Java SE Runtime Environment 18.9 (build 11.0.9+7-LTS)

Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM 18.9 (build 11.0.9+7-LTS, mixed mode)

Thank you in advance,

Best regards, Dessin Saraiva.

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Did you create the "Orders" topic on the kafka server as described in the README By default the peer node will not complete startup if it can't subscribe to the Orders topic.

The sample should just startup and present the HA table to the Services Layer (SL), so obviously something went wrong. If you get snapshots from the SL and DL, that would likely provide enough info to discover what went wrong.

To get a snapshot:

epadmin create snapshot --installpath yourNode.YourCluster

If you can, attach the snapshots to this ticket and I'll take a look.

If you want to explore yourself, you will find the LiveView server log in:


The peer server (the DL) is likely the most interesting. Look for WARNINGs and ERRORs.

You can also learn a good deal by looking at the LVNodeInfo table in the SL. That table has lots of information - for diagnosingthis issue it willshowwhat nodes are part of the cluster, what theirURL's are, what table groups exist and what nodes are particpating in those groups.

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