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Automating TERR URL configuration at Spotfire Server

Julio Gonzlez Gil

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Hi there.

As part of an automated deployment of a Spotfire platform (Webplayer, Statistics Server, Spotfire Server), I'm trying to setup TERR URL at Spotfire server.

I know it's possible to configure it with the Spotfire Client, but the idea is to get everything running without human intervention (just launch the environment and ready to go).

Things I already tried:


Looking at Spotfire CLI help. Can't see anything related to Statistics Server.

Exporting the configuration from DB to a XML with Spotfire CLI, from an environment with the TERR URL already configured. No luck. This part of the config is not exported.

Having a look directly at the spotfire database (we use Oracle).


I can see that there's a table PREFERENCE_KEYS with the following row (last one is PREFERENCE_ID)


TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R URL 1.0###StatisticsServices d795bc0e-ca8c-42c9-abd0-205d18ab3bf3



Then there's a row at tables PREFERENCE_VALUES with the same PREFERENCE_ID that it's present at PREFERENCE_KEYS.

The problem is that PREFERENCE_VALUE seems to be hashed, so I can't just run an UPDATE SQL Query.




Any suggestion

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I also would like to enable consumers to run TERR scripts from within Webplayer based analyses. I understand the server somehow needs to be told where to find TERR. I don't even need to have this automated assuming this is something which can be set globally and does not need to be set per user. I've gotten as far as what is described in

TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services Installation and Administration manual

Section "Configuring TIBCO Spotfire to use TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services" onpage 74 https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sf_statsvcs/7.5.0/doc/pdf/TIB_sf_statsvcs_7.5.0_installation.pdf

However, I'm failing to identify the service URL which I need to enteras the "TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R URL"

Any hint where I can findthis in a default installation environmentwould be greatly appreciated.



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