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Spotfire 7 Filter text color change

John McGowan

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I have created a custom theme for my Spotfire 7 DXP, but I want to change the color of the text in the Filters.

I am using the dark theme as a base and want to change the default color on the Filter textto be a lighter shade, but I cant see where that can be done in the Edit Custom Theme options. All the options I see dont change the text color of the filters.

Can anyone else with this



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Hi John,

Currently the text colour in filters is not changeable in the standard filter panel - but in Spotfire 7.0 if you create a text area and put the filters in that then the text colour is controlled by the font colour selected in the Visualizations general tab of the Edit Custom Theme dialog - see screenshot below:

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Hi Spiper


That looks like a injury location visualisation in the background of your screenshot, can you tell me how you did that please

I have searched everywhere to try and find mone but have had no luck and dont know how to build one.

Thanks in advance.

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2022-11-23_08-58-14.jpg.30888a4ed4999bbb141b915a87b9527d.jpgI was looking for the same fix. I am using a dark theme with a text area accordian filter setup and all the background filters are in black font and dark grey background, rendering very hard to view. If the text was in white against a dark background as displayed in regular filter view than it would be perfect. This has to be styled in the accordian script directly. Added the highlighted line to the JS script and changed the filter text color.2022-11-23_10-51-43.jpg.9ecbb893383822a12632dee22d12b99f.jpg2022-11-23_10-48-52.thumb.jpg.50941f0538923efe6c26b61ff76c6bed.jpg

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