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Connecting to Salesforce

Keith Word

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Does anyone have experience with the following:


Connecting to Salesforce

Integrating Spotfire visualization in Salesforce.


I am attempting to use Spotfire to generate interactive dashboards. In the past, we have done the same thing using Tableau Server. We are researching whether we can accomplish the same using Spotfire. Please comment and provide direction if possible.


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Hi Keith,


Starting with the Spotfire 7.5 release you can connect directly from Spotfire to SalesForce which means that your reports will automatically get updated with the latest SalesForce data. With the new Salesforce.com connector, it is now possible to load data from both reports and data tables on Salesforce.com into Spotfire for further analysis. In your dxp you can also put direct live links to the relevant opportunities in SalesForce if any editing in the SalesForce data is required. 


See page 36 of 'What's New in Spotfire 7.5'


And one more thing that might be good to know: The TIBCO Spotfire ODBC Driver for Salesforce.com 1.2.2 is included in TIBCO Spotfire Drivers (1.2.0 and higher), which is available for download on the TIBCO eDelivery site (edelivery.tibco.com). Cloud Workgroup users that need access to this driver can download it from the Spotfire Cloud site, on the "Downloads" page. NOTE: The driver must be installed on the machine running the data connector.


Find the latest info on the various info here in the official documentation: (latest info here http://support.spotfire.com/sr_spotfire_dataconnectors.asp#salesforce)


On your second question, technically Spotfire visualizations can be embedded in a Web Site. But to give you a more precise and confirmative answer you should share more details on exactly what you are trying to achieve by doing this, requirements etc. 


Hope that helps!

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Does anyone have a solution to define filter constraints on a SF connection


I expect we should be able to directly entry SF SOQL like we do for other connections. My initial approach was to use an on-demand attribute input to define a value as equal.


e.g. Status = ACTIVE


What I am not able to resolve is to how to change the input condition for LIKE or != or >/<


e.g. Select c.Name FROM Contact c WHERE c.Created != NULL or c.Name FROM Contact c WHERE c.Created >'2018-01-01'




How to build a parent child query.


e.g. select Name, (select IsClosed, CaseNumber, Subject from Account.Cases C where IsClosed = false) from Account A where Id IN (select AccountID from Case where IsClosed = false)

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Connecting to Salesforce

Spotfire data connectors supporta wide range of data sources, including Salesforce.

The Spotfire Connector for Salesforce used to be based on an ODBC driver but since Spotfire 7.14 it's using Salesforce APIs and no longer requires a driver.

Below are some useful links for how to work with the Salesforce connector:


The Salesforce section in the what's new in Spotfire 7.14 article

Salesforce connector documentation

System requirements


Integrating Spotfire visualization in Salesforce

Embedding Spotfire visualizations in other web pages and tools is very common. Below are some resources:



TIBCO Spotfire JavaScript API Overview



Mashup Example With Multiple Views Using TIBCO Spotfire JavaScript API



A JavaScript extension for interactive Spotfire Mashups



How To Embed A Spotfire Visualization In A Website(YouTube)



Spotfire Javascript Mashup API and Technique to Display a Single Visual from a Page(YouTube)

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Hi Thomas,I have tried this solution (

), however the webpage doesn't display the visualization, instead a blank page is being shown. Below is the html code i have written:<html>


          <script type="text/javascript"

        src="https://spotfire-next.cloud.tibco.com/spotfire/wp/GetJavaScriptApi.ashxVersion=7.5 ">



              var c_serverUrl = "https://spotfire-next.cloud.tibco.com/spotfire/wp/";

              var c_analysisPath = "/Users/yeln42vwbcvlnvv2x4thwgkvxkgbqat3/Public/MedPerf-7-5";

              var c_parameters = "";

              var customization = new spotfire.webPlayer.Customization();


              var app;


              var c_reloadAnalysisInstance = false;


              window.onload = function() {

                  app = new spotfire.webPlayer.Application(c_serverUrl, customization, c_analysisPath, c_parameters, c_reloadAnalysisInstance);

                  customization.showDodPanel = false;

                  customization.showStatusBar = true;

                  customization.showToolBar = true;

                  customization.showPageNavigation = true;

                  customization.showClose =false;

                  customization.showAnalysisInfo = true;

                  customization.showExportFile = true;

                  customization.showExportVisualization = true;

                  customization.showUndoRedo = true;

                  customization.showFilterPane; = true;


                  var viewOne = app.openDocument("demoViz", "Key", customization);





          <div id="demoViz"> </div>



Request you to please see if i am missing something. Thank you in advance.Regards,Vaishali Mehta 
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