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Hi Team am not understanding which loglogic ( LMI or EVA) can i use to send my Hawk monitoring data


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Hi, team am using hawk 6.2.0 in my windows environment which is a VM, and my requirement is I need to send my hawk monitoring data to LogLogic, in edelivery I found so many

types of LogLogic, so am confused that which will be suitable for my use case and I downloaded EVA 6.3.0 and in the document, it is showing that we need VM player t0 to deploy EVA and I downloaded LMI 6.3.0 and didn't understand how we can deploy LogLogic and which will be suitable for my use case and is it necessary a VM player to deploy LogLogic

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LogLogic LMI EVA is a virtual machine so it'll require a hypervisor in order to deploy and use it as a VM. You can use AWS/ESXi/Azure/Container/KVM etc to deploy the EVA. Here are 2 methods you can use either on ESXi/AWS:

ESXI: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/deploying-tibco-loglogic-log-management...


Once the EVA is deployed, Hawk can be managed from the LMI EVA directly from under the "Monitoring" page. Hawk installs on any OS as an application so all you need to do is deploy Hawk on the target system, and deploy LMI EVA on a hypervisor. And then point your Hawk to pickup the data and send it via syslog transport over TCP/UDP to LMI EVA. Learn more here:


Example docker logs to LMI via Hawk:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/sending-docker-container-logs-tibco-log...

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