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Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire® Command Center for Marketo Insig

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Command Center for Marketo Insights ? contains a set of web-based analytics to give marketing operations users more insights into the activities being recorded by their Marketing automation solution.


TIBCO and Marketo have created a pre-built interactive Spotfire dashboard for Marketo Power Users to visualize Marketo data, better analyze platform performance, and improve campaign ROI. Now you can easily access and use data to generate new insights with out-of-the-box analytics, and be able to take action in real time.

The Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire lets you:

  • Perform health checks to identify email issues and improve program performance.

  • Visually monitor activity KPIs to quickly understand what?s happening with your Marketo campaigns.

  • Visualize and segment contact attributes in your database to give you a view into segment performance.

  • Understand how leads are engaging with email and web content to accelerate the sales cycle.


There are two parts to the Command Center see here

1) The Extractor is a Spotfire dxp file which will require the TIBCO (Windows Only) Analyst:

Marketo customers request a desktop Spotfire license by registration or use the Spotfire for AWS

2) The Command Center is a Spotfire dashboard. To request the dashboard

Register Here

Note: If you would like this app extended to add additional datasources or to inquire about deployment as a managed service, Submit a request during registration. 


Published: May 2018

v1.2.1 - Extractor added Validation of default lists

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