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FX Dealing Accelerator 2.0.0

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The FX Dealing Accelerator provides a framework that connects to Liquidity Providers and manages the lifecycle of the connection freeing the developer to concentrate on adding business specific logic and rules that add value to their organization.

The FX Dealing Accelerator (FXDA), a reusable set of software components that provide Spotfire® Foreign Exchange (FX) customers a 'fast start' to deploying FX Market Data/Dealing solutions. The FXDA is available in open source format, available for customization and rapid deployment of highly customizable FX pricing/trading platforms.

The FXDA provides FX Venue connectivity, Market Data and Execution venue handlers, customized spread calculations/distribution and execution modules, simulation, trading execution and live monitoring, in one continuous loop. The FXDA provides a template for FX system implementation that reduces time to market from months or years to weeks.



For more information, refer to the FX Dealing Accelerator Article.

Also refer to the FX Dealing Accelerator Readme Article.


FX Dealing Accelerator Cloud 1.0.0

Whats New
(since the last release of FX Dealing Accelerator 1.0.0)

July 26, 2022, release of FX Dealing Accelerator Cloud 1.0.0

  • Upgraded to now deploy on cloud

For on-premise or virtual machine deployment, download the Full Release package.

The list of Compatible Versions represents the product versions that were used to build the currently released version of the Accelerator.  Newer versions of the products will likely also work.

Accelerators are provided as fast start templates and design pattern examples and are supported as delivered. Please join the Community to ask questions and discuss use and implementation.


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