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Grid Monitoring Accelerator 1.1.0

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Monitor and manage computational data grids like TIBCO GridServer with the Grid Monitoring Accelerator. View the telemetry in real-time dashboards and predict failures before they occur using data science models.

The Grid Monitoring Accelerator provides a reference architecture and code assets for monitoring and managing computational data grids. It makes use of rule processing and data science models to alert and predict anomalies before they cause issues with completing a processing run, allowing operational staff the opportunity to intervene in a timely manner.

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For more information, refer to the Grid Monitoring Accelerator Article.

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Grid Monitoring Accelerator 1.1.0

Whats New

October 25, 2022, updated release of Grid Monitoring Accelerator 1.1.0

This release upgraded TIBCO Streaming to 11.0.0 and some minor bugfixes.

For on-premise or virtual machine deployment, download the Full Release package.

The list of Compatible Versions represents the TIBCO product versions that were used to build the currently released version of the Accelerator.  Newer versions of the TIBCO products will likely also work.

Accelerators are provided as fast start templates and design pattern examples and are supported as delivered. Please join the Community to ask questions and discuss use and implementation.

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